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We use our partner companies Akont also provide a broad portfolio of international corporate services to entrepreneurs from The Czech Republic, Slovakia and the CEE region. These services are mostly used by medium and large companies, a number of procedures can also be used in smaller and emerging players. Comprehensive service is also used by large multinational clients from various business areas.

All questions and requests addresses over 60 professionals in transaction consulting, international taxation, legal protection of property, accounting, tax, corporate law and administration of companies. With offices in Prague, Bratislava, London and Nicosia,  Akont is the largest Czech company providing international corporate services.

Akont maintains a strong relationship with the Czech and Slovak environment associated with direct representation in key jurisdictions and a dense network of long-term cooperation partners in all countries are essential to modern international corporate services.

International corporate structure

Planning, setup, creation and management of corporate structures are the most common ways to achieve the desired goals and their long-term performance. The basis of corporate structures are both standard companies, but also other tools such as trusts, foundations, trust funds, investment funds located in various international jurisdictions. The company itself form the building blocks of larger solutions. An essential part of every structure is deliberate setting of relationships between the elements of the structure, both in terms of ownership and in terms of accounting, tax and legal. For international corporate structures play an important role not only local, but also of different types of international agreements.

We are using our services you will provide comprehensive administrative services, allowing you to fully focus on your business plan.

Offshore company

Offshore companies' compliance with international corporate planning a series of tasks while maintaining low operational costs. For offshore companies are considered companies based outside the EU and OECD countries, the countries zdaňujících company only lump-sum taxes or fees. The definition of offshore has many possible approaches, you can look at it from the perspective of territorial, fiscal, administrative, or in terms of image.

Many countries can not clearly determine whether they fall into the category of offshore, onshore or are located on the border between these two categories. Categorization of countries on offshore and onshore is thus highly imprecise, and we keep it in particular, to preserve the continuity of terminology. A substantial advantage of offshore companies is a high degree of privacy and a stable regulatory and tax environment with a minimum of paperwork. These characteristics make the use of offshore companies to the role of the parent (or called "Mother-company") company, protecting property rights and privacy of the owner. Alternatively, these companies are set up to control other types of property and for easy and flexible adjustment of property relations.

Key facts

Offshore companies belong to the standard tools of international corporate planning. They are most often used to control property (movable and immovable) and the role of the parent company of the international holding. For these activities, the offshore company predestined due to high privacy combined with minimal administration and low operating costs.

Provided level of privacy brings to the owner of certainty that virtually no public information about the company or its structure does not detect. Company achieved revenues offshore activities outside the territory of the country subject to income tax at all or only a certain type of flat-rate taxation.


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