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FLEXI OFFICE s.r.o., boasts a modern and innovative approach to business, making it one of the worlds leading providers of office rental services. Highly representative offices with all administrative and technical facilities, equipped with conference rooms with presentation technology and the possibility of renting from 1 hour! And for that excellent team service - a language-savvy reception, trained assistant, business center business manager, business managers ready to meet your needs immediately.


We run business centres in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which are tailored for clients who do not want to spend their time searching and arranging offices, solving constant technical problems with infrastructure etc.


With great success, we have been offering comprehensive administrative support since 2009, and thanks to our sophisticated concept, we offer professional support to all interested individuals, whether from a range of individuals or legal entities. Our services are designed primarily for businesspeople who are looking for flexibility, are looking for an efficient solution, and who want to focus on the core business of their business - because we will take care of their business affairs.

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Ovocný trh 572/11
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
+420 225 991 991
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