Ovocny trh Ovocný trh 572/11, Prague 1

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If you are interested in office in a building with historical significance, it is available to our business center Fruit Market, which is located on a small square in the center of Prague first

In the vicinity of the business center houses several important buildings. One of it is the Estates Theatre, located on the southwest side of the square. Also nearby is the historic seat of Charles University - Karolinum, and not least the historic building with a memorial character - House of the Black Madonna. In addition to historically significant buildings, however, near the business center located headquarters of international corporations, government agencies or the courts.

Office space on the Fruit Market are suitable for example for law firms and other businesses that need to run their business and a wide array of areas with historical significance. Reception desk operates around the city, of course, opening windows, individually air-conditioned office, any IT infrastructure.

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The ideal combination of a historic building and modern class A office building with very representative spaces.

Wenceslas Square (2 min walk). Perfect transport accessibility by car (200m downhill from Magistral) and public transport

Possibility to park in underground garages - long-term visits as well. Access 24/7. The entrance is located in Olivova Street.

Metro: Museum (A, C), Mustek (B, C), Main Railway Station (C) and tram stops from Jindřišská stop (3, 9, 14, 24, 51-56)

Bredovsky dvur Apartments - accommodation right in the building, dozens of hotels and restaurants in the immediate vicinity. Restaurant Bredovský dvůr directly in the building

Czech Post, Vrchlického Sady, Radka Brzobohatého Theater, dozens of shops and businesses within walking distance.

Ovocny trh

Ovocný trh 572/11, Prague 1


  +420 226 091 201


  Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 5pm

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Ovocný trh 572/11
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
+420 225 991 991
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